we're just so friggin cool

I mean come on!!

“Every time I curl up with one of Terry’s seriously sexy creations I feel like I’m cheating on my husband….it feels wrong but soooooo right”

Candice Olson

Interior Designer, Divine Design - Candice Tells All

teb Interiors and I go way back…after this many years, I still turn to Terry and Matt for the very best in detailing, creativity and sass on request.

“I realize that I rarely ask for sass – for sass, I might have to call you ! :)”

Mimi Pineau

Interior Designer - ARIDO, IDC, NCIDQ, Mimi Pineau Design

teb Interiors is one-of a kind!  Not only do they provide totally customized solutions for all your sewing and upholstery needs, but they have a ton of fun doing it as you can tell by their tag line “we make awesome crap for your home!”  Don’t be fooled by their rough-neck attitude though; both Terry and Matthew are highly skilled and detail-oriented, which is just what you want in a sewing guy.  Just don’t ask him where the washroom is……

Stacy McLennan

Princinpal Interior Designer - ARIDO, NCIDQ, Stacy McLennan Interiors

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