teb Interiors Inc. is a full service Interior Design firm offering everything you require from simply choosing paint colours right up to gutting and redoing your entire space. We love to work on every style imaginable. From the soft, monochromatic, snowy white Breakfast Nook, all the way up to the loud, obnoxious, custom skull wallpapered Basement Dungeon.

Don’t be confused by our lighthearted & fun appearance, we are extremely serious about what we do and attack every job with all of our heart felt passion. There is time for work and time for play and sometimes it’s just nice to mix the two a little.

When did design get so uptight? Dude…loosen up a little. SHEESH!!


Terry is our CREATIVE DICTATOR and resident ‘Pretty Boy’.

And by ‘Pretty Boy’ we don’t mean because he is so pretty….which he is by the way…to some….well, to himself.

What we mean by 'Pretty Boy' is, he ensures that everything we make has a fresh and modern vibe while injecting that little ‘flare’ or ‘edge’ that makes a teb design so 'Gledgy' and outstanding.

If you have a specific look that you are after, he's the guy that will figure it out for you and then he'll 'kick it up' a notch...or two...or three.


Steven is our ‘Master of Interiors’ and “boy-howdy” do we mean Master!!!

He has over 25 years of experience working directly in the thick of the Interior Design world. He has also been the driving force behind some of the biggest shows on HGTV like ‘Divine Design with

Candice Olson’, ‘Candice Tells All’, Love it or List It’, Backyard Builds’ and most recently ‘Scott’s Vacation House Rules’.

So, he ain’t no slouch, let me tell ya. You can volley any kind of design dilemma you want at him, and he will spike it right back at you, all while looking super fly and fashionable. *snap* *snap*